Dear Chris,

Thank you for your good wishes ..and thank you for officiating at the ceremony. It was exactly as we hoped...Mum was very happy with the whole thing, and despite nearly pulling out in the morning, was pleased that she attended in the end. We all very much appreciate your kindness, patience and compassion. Your comment when we first met, about being able to help people, is certainly something that you are achieving and is an admirable view on life,
Best wishes to you and your family.


Dear Chris

Thank you for your e-mail. I thought the service was lovely, thoughtful, sincere and reaching out to everyone.
I found it very emotional and I am finding difficulty coming to terms with it all. David had a serious heart attack when he was 42 and I think the fact that he knew another attack might be fatal, something he kept to himself, was both brave and very sad. I know it is wrong to think what might have been, but I can't help. And, of course sharing Sanna's grief is quite painful.
Chris. Thank you for all you have done.

My best wishes

Dear Chris

Thank you for recently conducting my grandmother's memorial ceremony. How you captured grandma's life of 98 years was moving but equally balanced with celebration and lots of happy memories.
Thank you so much for your sensitivity and kindness together with your support and the way you made the whole process much easier at a difficult time for me and my family.

With very best wishes

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